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Welcome to Advaita Vision. The site was begun in 2003. A 10-point statement of what we stand for begins as follows:

This site provides a platform for all who are attracted to the vision of non-duality and like to share their views and their approaches. Here’s why Advaita Vision will be an open platform for all committed to self-enquiry:

1. People are at different points on their spiritual journeys.

Therefore different expressions of the fundamental principle of advaita are needed to meet their specific different needs. (Read More)

Those familiar with the original site ( will attest to the value of the links to other sites that may be of interest to the seeker, the who’s-who and lineage charts of teachers, and the guide to stimulating reading materials. The library section provides details of a vast number of advaita-related books.

The other sections are:

Articles: essays by various writers and teachers, across the spectrum of advaita thought (some interviews also);

Blog-site: in which a regular group of writers share their insights and understandings;

Q&As: any seeker can submit questions and I (and the bloggers) will offer a response;

Book-extracts: please submit anything that has inspired you from a book you’ve read;

NOTE: is largely a static site. Many articles are archived here but new material is principally posted to Ongoing series (see left) continue to be posted here, as are new book extracts. The Advaita Library is also kept up to date. Links, resources, teacher lineages etc. have not been updated for a number of years, but it is hoped they will still prove useful.

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Advaita Vision at aims to bring you the best of Advaita, from  strict Traditional to cutting-edge Neo-Advaita.

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All new material will be posted to the ‘blog’ section of the website and will be archived there. There is a ‘category’ for each of our Bloggers, as shown above and a separate one for ‘Guest Writers’. Please use the ‘Search’ facility at to find anything after 2011.

All essays having their own page at this site are available sorted by author. (There are also chronological and subject lists up to 2012.) Please use the Google ‘Search’ facility at the bottom of this page to find these articles.


Most Recent Additions:

A new extract from my novel-
Time for the Wind, published in Dec. 2015.

Musings on YogavAsisShTa:

All 6 volumes of this work by Sri Kuppa Venkata Krishna Murthy, translated from the Telugu by Dr. Ramesam Vemuri, will be made available for download.

The serialization of the excellent book by D. Venugopal - ‘Vedanta: the solution to our fundamental problem’ is ongoing.

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